A Full Deck -

Deep meanings and broad symbolism are the soul of any tarot deck, allowing the reader the freedom to visually choose or create a deck based on their own stylistic or personal choices and preferences.

People can be very particular about the deck they use for their own readings, and with this in mind, I found it important to invest in designing a deck I would purchase for myself. I had wanted to illustrate a deck for nearly ten years, but could never find a design aesthetic that felt "right." There were many false starts over the years, but the moment I designed The Devil card for Inktober 2016, in an exercise in minimal shapes and colors, I knew I hit what I was looking for. I finished the rest in roughly 4 months, before launching a Kickstarter to fund the production of the full, 78 card deck, as well as a companion book to help both novice and adept tarot readers enjoy the deck to its full potential.

The Kickstarter reached nearly 150% of its initial funding goal, and had over 450 individual backers from all over the world. The project culminated in a solo, month-long exhibition at the Center Stage Gallery in Burbank, CA, and the fully published books and decks shipped to over 450 individual backers in September of 2017.



A Little History -

The Major Arcana are the twenty-two trump cards at the beginning of a tarot deck. Each of these cards bearing a specific name and number carries a significant meaning when pulled during a reading, and are typically considered the most important cards in the deck. They are usually the first things a new tarot user will learn.

The Minor Arcana are the 4 suits, with 14 cards in each suit, that make up the rest of the 78 card tarot deck. Typically, they are sorted as wands, cups, swords, and pentacles (or coins). They serve to clarify detail and nuances in a person's tarot reading, depending where in the spread they lie. Think of them more as signifying changes or insight into your day-to-day life, whereas the Major Arcana is typically interpreted as having a more significant telling or impact - signaling a larger turning point in your life.


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